It does, however, contain other activities, tasks and rooms that can only be.

Subsequently, make your way towards the.

. Here's an easy method to complete this challenge in DMZ.

Mar 20, 2023 · To locate the Room 302 key, search through all the hanging coats, caches, duffle bags, and other loot areas on both maps.


50 GS. Collect keys anew during the brand new season and explore Ashika Island as one of DMZ's new exclusion. .


. . Once you’re there, navigate to the hotel building that’s east of the circle on the map.

Image via u/callme-snow. To conclude the mission, proceed into Room 302 and retrieve the Golden Desert Eagle, located behind a duffel bag.


May 11, 2023 · Vaznev-9K.

. DMZ Missions List and Rewards in Warzone 2 (Season 3) On this page, you can find the full list of the DMZ missions and rewards featured in Call of Duty Warzone 2, updated with the Season 02 reset and Faction Mission Refresh.

This video is a Call of Duty Warzone DMZ guide / Tutorial, to help you unlock room 302 and complete the mission Good Fortune. .

It’s named Sawah Hotel 302.



The reason you must reach the rooftop is that there isn’t any key in the DMZ that will open Room 302. Warzone 2’s DMZ has a ton of content to discover and players can spend hours scouring Al Mazrah for valuable loot. D6.

After entering the building, you need to go to the. . Sawah Hotel Room 302 & 303 Location. Subsequently, make your way towards the. . Mar 19, 2023 · Visit the Sawah Hotel, go to Room 302 on the top floor, and use the corresponding key to unlock the door.


Haven't had any luck finding the key. .


Sawah Hotel Room 302: Required for mission.

Zarqwa Red Village Appartment.

Mar 9, 2023 · COD DMZ – How to Enter Sawah Hotel Room 302.

After coming onto the roof, they will need to go the Northwest corner of the building and drop in through the skylight.