Hey there - unfortunately there isn't a way to bulk unsave those saved posts and comments natively, but there are some scripts like this one that should allow you to do this.


. Click “Delete Collection” and then “Delete” again to remove a collection.

Click “Delete Collection” and then “Delete” again to remove a collection.

Tap Delete to confirm.

You need to click. . To remove them, tap the star.

Once you have done this, the post will be removed from your saved posts list.

Now login with your Instagram credentials and click on “Posts” from the bottom bar. . .

This will bring up a menu. The gilded header is for those posts/comments that you have received Reddit gold for.

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This will bring up a menu. Tap Menu (three lines) from the top right.

. .

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This is what your "Saved" posts look like.
How to Manage Your Posts and Collections.



If you're in the “All Posts” section, the label will read, “ Unsave. . At the top of your menu, click on “Add post to your story.

Select all the posts you want to unsave in one go. How to unsave all Instagram saved posts in one click | Quick method remove Instagram saved posts | 😎. To delete a collection, click "Saved" and then choose it. . Toggle-off the “Original Posts” options that you want from the page. Tap the 3-dot button at the top-right and tap ‘Select’.


. On the next screen, tap Delete.

You can find it here.

Additional comment actions.

This is useful since it allows one to delete all.

Tap on the three-dot icon and select “Edit Collection.