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  • For example, the catalyst monitor won’t run if there are any oxygen sensor codes.
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    Need to smog your 1996+ Land Rover? I'm going to show how to set your Land Rover oxygen sensor monitor, Land Rover oxygen sensor heater monitor, Land Rover E.

  • Drive in stop and go traffic conditions.
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    In the case of this vehicle, this function of OBD-II is not functional, so the live oxygen sensor and fuel trim data will be the place to look.

  • Apr 1, 2005 · OBD II non-continuous monitors will not run if a fault has already occurred in a sensor or other system monitor that is needed to perform an accurate test.
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    OBD Monitor IDs supported ($01 – $20) 0x0 0xffffffff 0101: 2 O2 Sensor Monitor Bank 1 Sensor 1 0.

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    Prepare an OBD2 scan tool, and here’s how to do it: In short, these are 4 steps you should.

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    If the test runs and the OBD II system detects too much of a drop off in converter efficiency, it will set a pending code.

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